Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Craig Lipset on the greatest promise that virtual trials hold for the pharmaceutical industry

Recently, Partnerships in Clinical Trials Program Director Danya Burakoff, discussed some of the benefits of conducting patient directed clinical trials with Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, at Pfizer Inc. Even though many of the tools Pfizer is using to successfully conduct these trials have been around for years, with education, they're allowing patients to become more involved in the process, and allowing them to become more engaged and a bigger participant.

Download Craig's podcast audio here and the full transcript here.

Here's an exclusive excerpt from Craig's Podcast:
What is a virtual trial and what is the greatest promise that virtual trials hold for the pharmaceutical industry?
Craig: Well, to us the virtual trial is about really putting the patient at the center of the clinical trials and embracing them as a real participant in clinical research. So, what does that mean to us? I think that historical trials are very investigator-centric. We choose investigator sites and then we target and recruit patients who are in geographic proximities of those sites so that they can travel in and out. What we are looking at here is our ability to decentralize that process, to bring the clinical trials to the patient instead of taking that hub and spoke approach. And enable participants to join clinical trials from just about anywhere.
We are also looking at this as a way to improve our engagement with patients with real participants and partners in the research process that it is beyond just pulling data off of a patient and get it into our database, but sharing data and sharing learnings with patients, similar to how patients are looking to be engaged as partners and participants in their healthcare. To us, we believe that this will improve engagement in clinical trials for patients and improve convenience and accessibility. We also think it will improve access to more diverse patients and populations to participate, rather than just the patients of elite academic medical centers.
At Pfizer, we look at this as an opportunity to explore improving quality and convenience because of that type of increased engagement of patients. It’s potentially about accelerating the drug development process, but it is really about making this more sustainable because we all know that the way we are doing trials today, it is largely an unsustainable model.

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