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Partnerships in Clinical Trials Latin America 2012: Official Call For Papers

August 13-15, 2012
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Submit your proposal now!

The Institute for International Research is looking for papers for its upcoming 3rd Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials Latin America Conference to be held August 13-15, 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This meeting convenes global and regional clinical trial executives to create new strategic partnerships, innovate business models, improve quality, and advance efficiencies for conducting trials in Latin America. This conference is part of the Partnerships in Clinical Trials global brand- the most respected clinical trials meeting in the world.

We invite you to submit a proposal for a speaking opportunity directly to Danya Burakoff by Wednesday December 9th, 2011. Please send to

Submission Guidelines & Details
In your abstract, please provide the following:

Proposed Title of Session: Objective and purpose
  • • A descriptive paragraph of 3-4 sentences describing what is unique or special about the information you plan to share- aka Background Information
  • • 3-4 bullet points highlighting the game changing strategies, tools and techniques attendees will walk away with- aka Key Takeaways
We are currently recruiting clinical trial outsourcing and operations executives who can share NEW DATA through detailed case studies related to outsourcing strategies, clinical operations, eClinical technologies & data management, patient recruitment, and site management, and medical innovation.

Some of the topics include:
  • • Clinical Project Management – Planning and managing your Clinical Trial to Reduce Costs and Increase Speed
  • • Creating a study budget and managing finances from start up to close out
  • • Clinical Project Risk Management: Risk identification, assessment, control, and planning
  • • Clinical Trial Execution, Monitoring, and Control, and Project Managing a CRO
  • • Negotiation and Contracting Strategies for Site-Sponsor-CROs
  • • Best Practices in Clinical Research Management: Setting Up and Running a Successful Clinical Research Site in Latin America
  • • Supply Chain Management and Distribution In Latin America
  • • Understand Latin America's Supply Chain Risks to Optimize on Opportunities to Improve Study Timelines, Cost, and Quality
  • • Understand regulatory guidelines and Expectations to Ensure Compliance
  • • Cost-effective Distribution Tools to improve your operational efficiency
  • • Quality Risk Mitigation Best Practices for the Clinical Supply Chain
  • • Staying Ahead of The Curve: How Latin America Can Maintain its Competitive Edge and Become a more Competitive
  • • Destination for Global Trials
  • • Building Effective Partnerships with CROs in LATAM
  • • CASE STUDY: Partnering to Succeed in Oncology Clinical Trials in LATAM
  • • Operationalize Proactive Quality Management Practices
  • • Best Practices in Relationship Management between Sites, Pharma, CROs in LATAM
  • • Business and Scientific Considerations for Biosimilar Drug Development in Latin America
  • • Partnering for Innovative Drug Development in LATAM
  • • Global Trends* The Move Towards Personalized Medicine and Tailored Therapeutics
  • • Global Trends in eClinical Technologies and Data Management for Clinical Trials
  • • CASE STUDY: Global Trends in the Use of Social Media for Clinical Research
  • • Understanding the Cultural and Ethical Framework in Latin America
  • • Implementing Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs in Latin America
  • • New trends in Pharmacovigilance audits and Inspections in Latin America
  • • Navigating Regulatory Timelines in LATAM
  • • Overcoming the Unique Challenges of Conducting Vaccine Trials in LATAM
***This list is merely suggestive, not comprehensive nor obligatory. If you have any other potential topics, please include it in an email to

For more information about Partnerships in Clinical Trials Latin America 2012, visit the webpage.

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