Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clinical Trial Begins in Africa for TB Treatment

South Africa, Tanzania and Brazil are the sites for a Phase II tuberculosis trial. This new novel drug combination strives to take care of TB where other drugs can't - as many strains of TB are now growing immune to the current treatment.  As opposed to the months of treatment with the current medication, this new dosage in Phase II would cut down treatment to six months.  The current tremendous on the market could include injections and often takes compliance for up to 18 months to work.  With 9 million contracting this disease a year, it's critical to find a treatment that can extinguish both TB and MDR-TB, which is not reacting to any of the current treatment options.

Mel Spigelman, MD, President and CEO, the TB Alliance told African Science News, “There is new momentum and new hope in TB research – as shown by this and several other novel regimen trials that will soon be launched. This novel TB drug regimen has the potential to unlock a new and more efficient approach to tackling TB. In essence, it’s a step toward erasing the distinction between TB and MDR-TB—and in the process, dramatically shortening, simplifying, and improving treatment.”

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