Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New NIH Guidelines are right around the corner. Organizations are seeking conflict of interest management solutions

Conflict of interest (COI)  compliance is a complex discipline with many moving parts. Organizations manage many professionals at various locations making the process challenging. Paper-based compliance processes are incredibly time and resource intensive, leaving organizations with substantial risk and liability.

To streamline this process and protect organizations from risk, Osprey Software Solutions has introduced COI RiskManager™, a scalable enterprise-class compliance management system. It was designed to eliminate financial exposure across industries including: Finance, healthcare, academic and research organizations. COI RiskManager was built from the ground up to meet the demanding policies and procedures of any size organization.

With new regulations from the NIH coming August 24th, companies have to adjust accordingly to keep up with their compliance efforts. To address this problem, institutions are moving over to web-based compliance management systems to take the place of existing paper-based manual methods.

They are designed to:
  • • Reduce risk
  • • Reduce cost
  • • Save time
  • • Increase productivity
As research projects continue to grow and COI compliance becomes increasingly complex, more and more institutions will be trading up the paper process in favor of web-based solutions to streamline the management process.

Organizations need a solution is easy to use and can:
  • • Automate their manual paper process
  • • Track, manage and resolve conflicts
  • • Meet the new NIH COI guidelines
  • • Achieve Compliance
  • • Be easily customized to meet their objectives
  • • Generate advanced reports
About Osprey Software Solutions Osprey Software Solutions, Inc. is a premier team of experts in the design and development of complex business applications. Osprey has assembled one of the most highly regarded teams of architects, engineers, and consultants in the software development business. The Osprey team has an outstanding track record in the design and delivery of large scale, advanced business systems in a variety of industries, including: Financial Services, Lending, Energy, Healthcare, and Defense. For more information about Osprey’s COI RiskManager please contact Michael Vidoni at contact@ospreyss.com or by phone 518-203-3995

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