Friday, April 20, 2012

Partnerships Latin America Session Spotlight: Avoid Unwanted Surprises in Outsourcing: Lessons Learned on How to Build Effective Partnerships with CROs in LATAM

As we gear up for Partnerships in Clinical Trials Latin America, each week, we'll feature of one of the sessions from the upcoming conference.  Partnerships in Clinical Trials Latin America will take place August 13-15, 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  In our first session, we're looking at Dr. Kasher's keynote, which will focus the growing importance of sponsors knowing their portfolio needs and finding the right service providers to meet them.  For more information on Dr. Kasher's session and the rest of the program, download the brochure today.  Also, when you register to join us in Brazil and mention code XP1718BLOG to save $100 off the current rate.

Featured Session: Avoid Unwanted Surprises in Outsourcing: Lessons Learned on How to Build Effective Partnerships with CROs in LATAM

Featured Speaker: Jeffrey S. Kasher, PhD, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Global Clinical Development, ELI LILLY

About the session: As the biopharmaceutical industry is facing increasing healthcare reform and escalating market demands leading to major internal restructuring within their clinical research areas, sponsors are now more than ever, in search of a more efficient clinical research model where sourcing is a strategic component. A tactical, noncollaborative, single-trial large vendor pool approach will no longer work. Sponsors must take a logical, cross-functional approach in collecting and analyzing portfolio needs, critical trial criteria and vendor capability data leading to the development of a sourcing strategy which includes a select vendor pool that will ensure overall optimal value. During this session, you hear the lessons learned from Eli Lilly’s use of the functional outsourcing model in Latin America.
  • • Review strategies and tactics for managing partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and CROs
  • • Learn how to better leverage external expertise and improve the clinical trial process at your organization
  • • Determine the amount of flexibility required by both the CRO and the sponsor to build an effective partnership
About Dr. Kasher: He joined Lilly in 1986 as a senior pharmacologist in the department of drug metabolism and disposition where he made numerous contributions to the discovery and development of projects in the infectious disease therapeutic area. In 1998, he was named director of pharmaceutical products, where he helped establish Lilly’s product team organization. Dr. Kasher moved to Belgium in 2000 as the managing director for the research and development site in Mont
Saint-Guibert. Upon his return to Indianapolis in 2003, he served as operations director and then executive director for discovery biology in Lilly Research Labs, leading the transformation of the division into therapeutically-focused drug hunting teams. Most recently, Dr. Kasher served as the executive director of the osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis platform team, leading the development of an integrated strategy for a portfolio of novel drug candidates.

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