Friday, May 25, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Patient Recruitment is Faster in Latin America

What are the top five reasons patient recruitment is faster in Latin America?
  1. 1. The strength of the physician patient relationship. (In the US 66% of the trial participants enroll outside of physicians consult while in LATAM over 80% are enrolled by their physician)
  2. 2. Highly concentrated patient populations - Two languages, 20 countries, over 500 million people with the majority of the population located in or near the top seven major metropolitan areas including Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aired, Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Bogota topping the list.
  3. 3. Intelligent well trained investigators who believe in the value of clinical trials.
  4. 4. Government's consistent focus on on patient protections, effective informed consents, and aggressive ethics approval builds trust among the patient and investigator communities.
  5. 5. The strength of the physician patient relationship. (So important it makes the list twice!)
In Latin America it is important to engage investigators early to ensure effective patient enrollment. On IIR's Partnerships in Clinical Trials LinkedIn group, Dr. Beatriz Rocha, Clinical Operations Director of Berg Research & IT Solutions suggests partnering with patient groups and specialist physician groups as alternative strategies for successful patient recruitment in Latin America.

In the same discussion, Anne Blanchard, CEO and Clinical Operations Manager at Blanchard & Asociados emphasized the point that even though some recruitment tools are used the majority of patients are recruited from clinics where they attend as patients in Latin America.

At Partnership in Clinical Trials Latin America, Eric Morfin, Senior Director PMO, Group Leader Project Management, Oncology at Pfizer, Beatriz Kestener, Partner at Mattos Muriel Advogados, and Rafael Andre Laurino, Brazil Clinical Operations Manager, at Eli LIlly will lead an in depth 3 hour workshop titled "Achieving Clinical & Regulatory Excellence in Latin America: Understand the Regulatory Environment and Unlock Patient Recruitment Potential". These three esteemed clinical trial leaders will help you navigate regulatory and cultural differences and provide insight into how to partner with and engage local investigators to expedite enrollment and ensure patient retention. To learn more about this workshop and the rest of the program, download the agenda here.  If you're interested in attending, register to join us today and mention code XP1718BLOG to save $100 off the current rate!

If you have additional thoughts on why patient recruitment is easier in Latin America, please comment. Alternatively we encourage you to share reasons patient recruitment in Latin America is actually more difficult. Commenters will receive a voucher for 10% off their next IIR event and be entered to win a free pass!

This post was authored by Managing Director, Pharmaceutical Division, IIRUSA, Megan Antonelli.

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