Friday, June 22, 2012

Partnerships in Clinical Trials Latin America Session Spotlight: Tapping into the Promise of Regenerative Medicine in Latin America

Regenerative medicine could open doors for many of the current untreatable illnesses.  Shire recognizes this and has recently announced that they've been partnering with San Diego-based BioMed Realty Trust to expand their regenerative medicine business.  BioMed Reality Trust also recently announced that they've acquired land in San Diego to build a campus to conduct this research.

Kevin Rakin, Shire’s Regenerative Medicine President, recently commented,“This new campus will give us the flexibility and increased capacity we need to develop and manufacture new regenerative medicine therapies and build our foundation for continued growth in this exciting field."

More research in the field of regenerative medicine is critical to the future of the Pharmaceutical Industry.  At Partnerships in Clinical Trials Latin America this August, we'll be hearing from Abner Mhashilkar, PhD, Medical Translation Officer, WFIRM, of the Wake Forest School of Medicine.  For more on this years program taking place August 13-15 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, download the agenda.  As a reader of this blog, when you register to join us and mention code XP1718BLOG, you'll save $100 off the current rate!

Abner Mhashilkar, PhD
Featured Session: Innovation Spotlight: Tapping into the Promise of Regenerative Medicine in Latin America

Featured Speaker: Abner Mhashilkar, PhD, Medical Translation Officer, WFIRM, WAKE FOREST SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

About the Session:  Regenerative Medicine’s goals and futuristic approaches are towards developing innovative routes of modern medicine which has taken a giant leap in the last 20 years with newer technologies and therapeutics for different metabolic, degenerative and infectious diseases, plus for applications to various injuries correlated to age and or genetic dysfunctions and disorders.  The advent of regenerative medicine landscape on a world-wide scheme is changing rapidly with big players emerging not just from North America, Europe and Australia, but also from effective translational groups in Asia and Latin America. These groups are focusing primarily on establishing themselves as the focal points of GMP manufacturing, and large-cohort based pivotal clinical studies for themselves and also as a cost-effective source towards partnerships for clinical research, manufacturing and pharma/ biotech groups from the developed countries.

This presentation will give an overview of the current happenings in the field of Regenerative Medicine, especially in the arenas of cell therapies and tissue engineering followed by a focus on the
Latin American landscape and progress achieved there in the last 20 years and how the next 20 years represents a brighter future with innovative and potential outcomes.
  • • What are some of the global trends in regenerative medicine and where is the industry in terms of clinical trials?
  • • What are the key opportunities in regenerative medicine in LATAM?
  • • How are regulatory roadblocks impacting growth of clinical application of regenerative medicine in LATAM?
  • What are some of the current technologies that exist that can be applied in commercial format and developed in clinical trials?
  • • What are the challenges for the future of clinical trials for regenerative medicine?

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