Monday, August 27, 2012

Investigators move into the clinical trials spotlight

In a recent article at Applied Clinical Trials, the clinical trial investigators of Asia get the limelight.  We know that the growth of clinical trials in the region is rapidly growing, 20% over the past few years according to the article.  But rarely have the investigators been given the opportunity to voice their reasons they enjoy working in the field.  Typically the investigators in the Asia Pacific region have less experience than their US and European counterparts and work in institutions.  This region also has a greater number of full time study coordinators but sites have a less experience with Phase II-IV clinical trials.

Why are investigators drawn to participate in these trials? They enjoy taking part in innovation yet both US and Asia clinical trial investigators face challenges from conducting the actual clinical trials.   Asian investigators also find reward from their job in having the opportunity to work on new therapeutic options and interacting with patients during the process.

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The article concludes with the fact that the investigators believe that it could be easier to recruit more  patients if the sponsors were more open about the results of the clinical trials.  Do you believe this? Would clinical trail patient recruitment go up if patients knew more about the results?

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