Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is India facing challenges in the CRO Industry?

This past year, India saw $765 million in revenue in the the clinical research outsourcing industry, this was only a 12% growth from the previous year, a drop of growth year over year.  Biospectrum points out that However, they are facing major challenges when it comes to quickly and efficiently getting trials completed for a variety of reasons.  The article points out that of the 1402 studies in process, only 230 showed results while 1172 were left without results.  The country has 2000 investigators, and the writers of the article believe that an increase of 20-30% of investigators could improve this.

Next month at Partnerships in Clinical Trials Asia, we will be addressing some of these issues in the presentation Is the Era of China/India Outsourcing Ending?. Julia Wu, Director, Global Pharmaceutical Sourcing, Asia Pacific, Janssen Research & Development and Ralf Altmeyer, Director General, Institut Pasteur Shanghai will be on hand to debate the current state of clinical trials in both India and China. For more information on this session and the rest of the event, download the agenda. If you'd like to join us this fall in Shanghai, register to join us and mention code XP1775BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate!

What do you think?  Are these numbers from the report influencing companies who outsource look elsewhere to conduct their clinical trials?

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