Thursday, August 16, 2012

What are some of the greatest benefits for transitioning to an eSource solution?

The impact of eSource on the Data Management team can be significant, especially as it relates to infrastructure and workflow. Make sure to hear Evonne Roberts, Director of Business Development of assisTek speak about how your data management team can benefit from transitioning from paper CRF to an eSource solution and the implications of the FDA eSource guidance.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring some of the topics discussed in the podcast the CBE team recorded with assisTek.  Today's featured question:

What would you say are the greatest benefits for transitioning to an eSource solution?
Evonne: Well, there are actually quite a few benefits. For us, the greatest benefit for transitioning from the process of collecting data on paper and then transcribing into an electronic database are definitely cost and quality.
The cost savings can be really very significant. For example, on a recent study the cost benefit just for queries alone for a Phase III global study was just under a million dollars.
Yeah, it was pretty significant. This was for a bigger study, of course. It was for a study that had 145 subjects that collected over 1200 data elements per subject during the study. So, there was a lot of data that was being collected. And using the eSource as a solution saved the study team over $500,000 during the life of the study. And this was a global study that also included patient diaries 
The other cost benefit is the enormous cost of monitoring. So, when an eSource solution is used, source data clarification is eliminated and monitors can monitor and review the data remotely. So, it saves them all the travel expenses and that sort of thing.
The quality of data is obviously substantially improved due to the decreases in queries in this particular study. And then the burden on the study team was elevated.

For the complete podcast, download the audio and the transcript here.

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