Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What influence can SmartPhones have on clinical trials?

Much of the problem with clinical trials is that patients are asked to recall specific details from the past, and the detail revealed doesn't often yield the information that is valuable to doctors.  They also take a significant amount of time and money to conduct.  Recently at the Huffington Post, Tia Ghose looked at the effect that SmartPhones could have on these trials.  Many people have cell phones on them all the time, so why not create an app that will allow these patents to participate in clinical studies in real time?  Not only will the information be in real time, but it can be synced with other information at any given time such as the weather or location, which could reveal some of the reasons the patients behaved the way they did.

Open mHealth is one of the pilot studies looking into how real time data collection can help a doctor change a patient's medication in real time to better fit their needs.  In can also provide alerts and reminders in order to encourage compliance with medications.

Do you believe that the constant use of SmartPhones in clinical trials can do to improve the success of trials? Do you believe it will lead to a greater understanding of how the drugs are working in patients?

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