Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Access to Medicine Index releases yearly update

The Access to Medicine Index was recently released sharing that management of contracted clinical trials around the world is a rising concern.  Pharma companies are also making a real effort to increase the accessibility of medications to those who really need them in the developing world.

According to the BBC, the report called for the relationship between sponsors and CROs to be tightly defined and carefully managed.  They also noted that of the 20 Pharma companies surveyed, only 4 were willing to release their disciplinary measures should a clinical trial fall short.

The article also focused on the increased access that Pharma companies were providing to those who needed medication most.  Many companies are implementing "tiered" policies - offering the medication at affordable prices in the countries that need them the most.  This includes vaccines and contraceptive pills.

This spring, clinical trials professionals will come together at Partnerships in Clinical Trials to discuss the latest trends and discoveries in the clinical trials industry.  The 2013 agenda will be released soon, so sign up to receive an email when it is available.

How do you think sponsors and CROs can work together to create a safer environment for clinical trial participants?

Update 12/5/2012: Parnerships LinkedIn Group Member John Lewis has commented in our LinkedIn Group on this article. He stated, "The Association of Clinical Research Organizations has some issues with this study. Our full statement is here."

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