Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Study Rewrites Clinical Equation, Removes Sites Entirely

Boehringer Ingelheim, UBC Collaboration Takes Patient Centricity to New Level
By Marc Dresner, IIR

An intriguing collaborative of traditional and not-so-traditional companies has embarked on an innovative pilot study to help people with diabetes manage their condition—with significant implications for clinical research.

Boehringer Ingelheim, United Biosource Corp., Healthrageous (a “digital health management” provider) and other partners are evaluating a behavioral modification program designed around an online digital health coaching tool, a home test kit and a wireless glucose meter that transmits data directly to clinical monitors.

The program is entirely patient-centric—no site visits, no travel, no time off work or weekends, and no hassle or inconvenience for the participant.

“Based on patients’ self-reported information, transmitted biometric data and goals set by the patient, patients will receive personalized coaching, education and reminders to help them manage their disease,” said Abbe Steel, VP, Patient and Physician Services at UBC.

Moreover, the research data will be combined with claims data to assess healthcare utilization costs and, potentially, outcomes.

Boehringer Ingelheim Director of Business Model & Healthcare Innovation Larry Brooks noted that “there is value for patients with chronic diseases to be treated using a more holistic approach, which is not limited to just drug treatment, alone.”

Brooks said Boehringer Ingelheim is examining potential new business models and innovative healthcare approaches along those lines.

The program clearly takes patient engagement very seriously.

There’s a smartphone app, an online patient community and even an incentive system—patients who achieve health- and compliance-related goals (blood glucose levels, exercise, etc.) earn badges toward a healthy meal donation through the Clinton Foundation’s Childhood Obesity Initiative.

Lastly, recruitment is done through a network of employers and enrollment does not require a site visit.

It’s not a drug or device trial in the classic sense, but its potential for application in trials is undeniable.

In this exclusive interview for Inside Clinical, we’ll take a deeper dive into this groundbreaking program.

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Editor’s note: Larry Brooks and Abbe Steel will present: “Leveraging Data and Innovative Technologies to Achieve Superior Patient Engagement and Biometric Health Improvement in Patients with Diabetes” at the 22nd Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference April 21-24 in Orlando.

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Marc Dresner is IIR USA's senior editor and special communication projects lead. He is the former executive editor of Pharma Market Research Report, a confidential newsletter for market researchers in the pharmaceutical industry. He may be reached at Follow him @mdrezz.

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