Monday, April 15, 2013

WoundMatrix Clinical Enterprise Solution Takes Clinical Trial Wound Image Data Collection and Measurement to a New Level

This post is submitted by Sean Geary, the President of WoundMatrix, Inc. WoundMatrix is an exhibitor at the 2013 Partnerships in Clinical Trials and will be at booth 825. If you'd like to join them, as a reader of this blog, when you register and mention code XP1800BLOG, you'll save 15% off the standard rate!

Proving efficacy with measurements that are precise and reproducible has never been more important to CROs. Wound management has been described as a “snowballing problem,” both in this country, affecting 2% of the population with a cost conservatively estimated at over $50 billion a year. The depth and scope of the problem—along with healthcare reform—have created a growing need for clinical trials that demonstrate the efficacy and cost effectiveness of wound care products.

The WoundMatrix Enterprise Clinical Solution can help increase trial efficiencies by greatly increasing the speed of wound image data collection and providing objective, accurate data measurements that are reproducible every time. This new approach also responds to the increasing demand for patient-centric approaches to care. The WoundMatrix solution involves patients in their own care, enhancing compliance and reducing costs and clinical resource use—all important variables in the emerging world of patient reported outcomes and patient friendly care.

For nearly 15 years, WoundMatrix has been an industry leader in working with CROs and academic medical centers to develop and implement more effective, more efficient technology for managing and assessing wounds.

The WoundMatrix system utilizes secure Smartphone technology, allowing CROs and trial sites to acquire and upload images effortlessly and instantly to the WoundMatrix Enterprise Clinical Software. The images are then immediately available for objective wound measurement, as well as enhanced tracking and assessment.

WoundMatrix uses web-based architecture, which is scalable, replicable and easily deployed across enterprise organizations. It is cloud based through Verizon’s secure cloud computing environment.

WoundMatrix is fully validated, 21CFR11 compliant.

To learn more about the WoundMatrix Enterprise Clinical Solution contact us at or at 866-494-2002 ext. 300.

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