Friday, May 17, 2013

Gene mapping & preventative care and how hospitals can help Pharma

One of the most well-received presentations at the 2013 Partnerships event was Dr. Eric Topol's presentation where he focused on the technology we have today, how we should use it to understand our genes and take action on our health before it's too late.

Yesterday, high profile actress Angelina Jolie wrote an open letter about her choice to take the knowledge that comes with gene sequencing and acted on it to prevent possible cancers.  This has brought gene sequencing and personalized, preventative medicine to the forefront of American minds.    With this on the front of everyone's minds, The New York Times profiled many of the cancer centers and documented what they're doing to keep up with current technology and stay ahead of cancers in patients.

What this article also points out is that - by knowing what treatments will work in patients due to this mapping - many hospitals can become a bigger part in creating effective drug treatments.  By partnering with Pharma companies and providing the information they've uncovered from mapping genomes and seeing effective treatments through, hospitals can become a valuable asset and business partner for the Pharma companies - both benefiting Pharma Companies with quicker and cheaper drug development time lines and the hospitals, which have the patients to participate in the clinical trials.

Do you believe that hospitals can truly bridge and solve some of Pharma's biggest gaps - access to the patient population as well as faster drug development timelines?

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