Friday, May 3, 2013

The Changing Financial Landscape of Hospitals

We know that hospitals are important to the landscape and future of clinical trials - as they function often as the place where patients receive their knowledge of their health and are also the sites of many clinical trials.  All of health care is changing, hospitals included.  I recently came across this article from  Becker's Hospital Review that shared some of the  most poignant ways they are changing.

As with many business in this business climate, hospitals are finding more affordable ways to operate.  This includes merging in a variety of ways including with other hospitals, physician practices or with independent practice associations.  Many hospitals are also looking at outsourcing non-core competencies so that they can focus on their strengths.  Patients are also starting to become more responsible for paying their costs - which leaves the hospitals often spending more time trying to collect payment in order to stay profitable.

Is there a specific ways these changes in the financial climate can be beneficial for clinical trials?  Can clinical trials profit from more hospitals working together as one unit?

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