Monday, July 22, 2013

What if clinical trails were built into the medical system?

Here at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials blog, we often discuss the importance of partnerships that take place between Pharma and CROs and beyond. However, today, a new partnership caught my eye. MJA Insight talked about the new partnership Australia is taking up with it's healthcare system to increase the number of clinical trials that take place. They're taking efforts to integrate clinical trials into the Australian healthcare system. They plan to do so by: embedding clinical trials in the health system by linking some hospital funding to research participation and allocating 0.5% (increasing to 1% by 2030) of total health care expenditure to clinical trials and health care evaluation.  With the increasing amount of the cost of healthcare, they're spending this money in their system now to identify the new technologies and what does and doesn't work in the system so that they can make smarter choices about the future of their healthcare spending.

What potential outcomes are possible if Governments, Pharma and Hospitals come together in the clinical trials arena?

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