Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Clinical Trial for Pain and the online digital recruiting that worked

Patients are the key to successful clinical trials. But as we all know, recruiting and keeping patients in a clinical trial is no easy task. In a recent article from Pain Medicine News, they looked at a recent study that was conducted digitally allowed a larger pool of patients to join as well as more conclusive tracking that was done through patients keeping digital journals. This allows for more honesty from patients than one-on-one meetings to share results.  It also proved to show a larger number of adverse events reported from the patients.  The article also points out that when it comes to pain trials, a digital recruitment process can allow for screening before patients are admitted into the clinical trial.

In the trial referenced in this article, a website was launched at the same time as the trial allowing for questionnaires and informational videos that would send any potential patient information collected to recruiters. Analytics were also constantly monitored to see the geographic location of searches along with the keywords so that they could better tailor the site to patients who would be potentially interested in the trial.

Patient recruitment and retention will be just one of the many topics to be discussed at Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2014.  We are in the process of putting the program together.  To find out how you can participate - by speaking or sponsoring - in next year's event, visit the webpage.  If you'd like to be notified when the agenda for 2014 is ready, sign up for updates.

One of the most interesting parts of this article pointed out that the team behind the webpage kept an eye on analytics and were able to update the webpage to target the market who was looking for them.  What do you think is the benefit of being able to alter your strategy when you know who your patients are that are looking for you?

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