Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Big Data: Bigger and Faster Clinical Trials

One of the biggest challenges in clinical trials is finding and keeping enough patients to successfully run a trial. Alex Kane Rudansky of Information Week recently took a look at how this could change - and highlighted a partnership that is showing this method in action.

She points to big data as the answer to quicker, faster clinical trials.  It was recently announced that in Israel, Merck and Maccabi partnered to use their data for clinical trials.  In Isreal, they've been working off electronic health records for 25 years.  They are also one of the nation's health organizations that was included under the health insurance law, so they hold the health records of 25% of the nation.  So there is a significant amount of health data that has been captured over time.  Merck can identify digitally the people who would be a good fit for their clinical trial.

So this is just one of the possibilities - where else does advancement of clinical trials come into play with electronic health records?  The article points out that after compatibility issues over the systems are solved - more than just electronic health records can help identify the right patients.  Those electronic health resources include patient management systems, payer databases, pharmacy databases and patient reported data.

Is clinical trail data becoming a main focus in your organization?  How can companies overcome the traditional paper process search for clinical trail patients and utilize the new technology available to find the right patients?

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