Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How is the government shutdown affecting clinical trials?

In the middle of the second day where Congress has still not approved a budget for 2014, all Americans are affected by the shutdown.  Americans can't visit national parks, get passports processed, and no processing of passports are just a few of the things that affect our every day life.  How is it affecting our healthcare system and efforts to do research to predict the next outbreak or continue the work on clinical trials at the National Institute of Health?

Every week that the government is shut down, there will be 200 patients a week that can't gain access to clinical trials because of delays according to ABC News.  Also, during the shutdown, no new clinical trials will begin even though the program has four ready to start next week.  They are seeing a reduction of 75% of their staff during this time.

Do you think that the progress in clinical trials should be affected by the government shut down?  How would your company react to an external setback such as this?

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Stephen Trevathan said...

You know, I thought that the sequestration which took place earlier in the year was bad enough, but this really has been an unfortunate turn of events. I have read of about several new grants which were going to bolster breast cancer research here in Alabama, but I was wondering if this shutdown could affect those as well?