Thursday, October 10, 2013

Social Media, Blogs and Clinical Research - A Standout Combination for Business

Today's post comes from guest blogger Rashmi Pant. She is the Deputy General Manager Market Research at Veeda Clinical Research.  Veeda Clinical Research is a phase I and IIa clinical research organization headquartered in India.

The conventional use of social media is to connect with friends, near and dear ones. This concept exists worldwide. However the western world has been the first to tap the social media to its right use and that is why many good businesses thrive because of the social media. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception to the above rule.

Pharmaceutical industry in the west has picked up the social media for educating its customers i.e. patients and doctors about the medicines they sell. Pharmaceutical companies have brand wise/drug wise websites for imparting information about the dosage of the medicine, its side effects and related information. They also use the same for brand building in their own way. Often, key companies like Pfizer and GSK advertise on specifically built websites that they are open for volunteer recruitment for their clinical trials on an ongoing basis.

The above trends in India are still in the nascent stage and have yet to take their full potential. However the younger businessmen who are technology friendly have taken the lead by doing blogging activities and have started their own networking forums on key sites. Young entrepreneurs have emerged as pioneers for various businesses on social media. Many focus on general discussions, some on policies some on issues facing the nation. Sometimes one can even get to know the market sentiment /response to a prevailing market situation by just posting a poll. In the process, one can also come to the real situation in a quick, simple and cost-effective manner.

More than half a dozen groups are there in clinical research on social media but most of their focus is to go forward with a job hunt or a job switch. The objective of social media in the clinical research industry in a recessed market is more of a recruitment aspect. The idea of doing business does cross the mind of many senior professionals.

Many professionals are hesitant to tap potential business opportunities via the internet. The reason for not doing so may be due the possible whimsical attitude or an unknown mindset or not knowing what to start with or a possible scare of doing anything new. Writing emails, sending long hard copies via post through assistants, picking up the phone for business has been a routine for most in the industry since more than a decade.

There arises a need to create awareness among the clinical research industry professionals to rise above the conventional methods of business and start using the social media to tap the "unknown zones" of the web space.

The social media web space not only helps in building the "Brand” of the individual in the industry but also the associated organization and hence the business of the organization. A chain reaction develops and follows if a single industry professional starts clinical research activities on social media. Slowly and gradually a sense competition develops in the web space for that particular industry. However there should be clear goals associated when an industry professional decides to venture into the web space. It should be purely brand building or the same should be for a business orientation.

Veeda Clinical Research believes in the principle of brand building in the clinical research industry.
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