Monday, February 10, 2014

Make an Impact! Time is running out to submit your app for the patient engagement app challenge

The submission period for the Patient Engagement App Challenge  is running out!  We are accepting proposals through 5:00PM ET  tomorrow, February 11.

Why should you consider submitting your app? Lane Rasberry, WikiProject Medicine Contributor, shares her thoughts:
I contribute health information to Wikipedia, and as a participant in that project, I see all kinds of people coming to the encyclopedia to collect and share information. While we Wikipedians appreciate the public interest in health information, and while we do feel that people should use Wikipedia's articles with other resources to inform their health decisions, we also want to see a revolution in communication between people with health information and people who are trying to learn. 
For clinical research to succeed and for participants to become more fully knowledgeable about the impact of their volunteering, the communication in clinical trials must be aligned with the natural ways of communication, which the research participants themselves use. Nowadays this means more online channels, including apps, social media, and websites. 
There is a lot of mutual benefit to be gained by better communication in all sectors. I look forward to watching the developments in communication technology for clinical research.

The winner of the challenge will receive reimbursement of airfare for one (valued at $550), one night stay at Mirage hotel (valued at $200), and a Gold Pass (Main Conference and Exhibit April 1-2, 2014) to 2014 Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference in Las Vegas, NV (valued at ~$3,500). Business model mentor session from EnlightBio (valued at $5,000). Session may include activities such as competitive landscape analysis, funding and strategic partner analysis, etc.

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