Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Pharma, CROs Tackle Big Data for Clinical Trials

Study Explores How Sponsor/CRO Partnerships Optimize Clinical Trials

By Marc Dresner, IIR

In just a couple of weeks the Avoca Group will present the findings from its highly anticipated annual study on sponsor/CRO partnering at the 23rd Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials.

Inside Clinical sat down with Avoca Group President & CEO Patty Leuchten for a sneak peak.

This year’s Avoca Group industry survey focuses on clinical trial optimization, Leuchten reported.

“We’re doing a deep dive into whether strategic partnerships are contributing to more intelligent approaches to clinical trial planning and execution,” she said.

The forthcoming report will cover how well current partnership models lend themselves to producing innovative solutions

The forthcoming report will cover how well current partnership models lend themselves to producing innovative solutions, particularly those that apply data—operational or clinical—to optimize protocol design, investigator selection, patient recruitment, risk assessment, resource allocation, etc.
Patty Leuchten

Perhaps not surprisingly, Leuchten reports sponsors and CROs are still struggling to wrap their brains around Big Data and its potential role in trial optimization.

Companies are just beginning to think about the concept of Big Data and how to harness and leverage this information for making decisions about clinical trial planning,” Leuchten told Inside Clinical.

“Other industries are much farther along, in terms of leveraging information to make decisions and to take action and using Big Data as triggers,” she said.
“There is a real opportunity for sponsors engage CROs much earlier in the clinical trial planning process.”

Operating in siloes has been a perennial partnering challenge, particularly when it comes to developing innovative solutions.
So, the study will also provide a read on the degree to which sponsors and CROs are collaborating on Big Data and other joint, innovative solutions.

“I think there is a real opportunity for sponsors to engage their CRO partners much earlier in clinical trial planning process and in actually working with the CRO to leverage all this information and data to make better decisions,” said Leuchten.

Stay tuned for Part II of Inside Clinical’s interview with Patty Leuchten for an update on the Avoca Quality Consortium and its work on streamlining niche and third-party supplier selection!
Editor’s note: The Avoca Group will present its 2014 research data for the first time at the 23rd Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference running March 30-April 2 in Las Vegas.
For more information or to register, please visit www.clinicaltrialpartnerships.com

Marc Dresner
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