Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#PCTUS: 8 Facts from Day 2

Throughout the second day of Partnerships in Clinical Trials, one word was a trending topic throughout the presentations:  communication.   Communication is key among all stakeholders in the clinical trials field to keep trials on a timeline and improve their quality.  We saw an outstanding panel from TransCelerate sharing how they hope to unite the industry and bring changes to build a better industry. Roni Zeiger, MD, Former Chief Health Strategist, Google, and Practicing Urgent Care Physician, CEO, Smart Patients spoke about the patients who are looking to clinical trials for hope and brought a panel of inspiring patients together to talk about how patient involvement could revolutionize the industry.  And we concluded our day with an inspiring conversation between Dr. Amrit Ray  of Janssen and Joe Torre, EVP, Baseball Operations, MLB; Former Manager, New York Yankees about his experience as a patient.

What were some of the thought provoking things we took away from Day 2 at Partnerships in Clinical Trials?
  1. Keynote Roni Zeiger asked: What would co-owning a prescription do for patient when it comes to their health?
  2. Patients don’t view clinical trials as experiments. They view them as treatment options. The industry needs to build feedback loops into the design process so we can get better every time.
  3. Steven Mikita,  Directors, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation, shared that communication is absolutely essential and imperative to move the needle forward for patients. Updates are needed on clinical trial participation and results. Trials can move forward by clinical trial professionals viewing patients as partners.
  4. Jack Whelan, Cancer Warrior & Survivor, ePatient, Clinical Trial Participant shared that patients have two ways to learn about clinical trials. 1) and 2) The form they sign to join the clinical trial. Neither of them present the information in a way that is easily understandable.  How are we working to properly inform patients to about clinical trials?
  5. Susan McHale, Global Senior Director, Clinical Development, Inflammation, Neuroscience and Respiratory Therapy Area, AstraZeneca is in charge of site qualification and training with Transcelerate. The site focused initiative to simply the way they interface with sites. They come forward in putting common forms together. They have a mutual Good Clinical Process process in their training. The minimum criteria is available at this webpage.
  6. When a sponsor company is deciding if they need a CRO partner, sponsor companies should identify what they want your future to look like? What gaps will they have? Can a CRO partner effectively fill the needs of the sponsor company?
  7. Argos Therapeutics shared that as a sponsor, you can’t be afraid to rescue any clinical study. Switch you CRO if you have to. You should have a map for your study but not a solid plan. An communication and flexibility are key throughout it.
  8. To close the day, celebrity keynote speaker Joe Torre, Joe Torre, EVP, Baseball Operations, MLB; Former Manager, New York Yankees; and Cancer Survivor, concluded our day by sharing that anything that is worthwhile will take some time. As a professional in the field of clinical trials, if you save one, that’s important. We are playing the game of life and those in the clinical trials profession are the creating the future of medicine.
Do you have any takeaways you'd like to share from Day 2 at Partnerships in Clinical Trials?

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