Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Pharma Pipeline Review

In 2014, Citeline reports that there are 11,307 drugs in the pipeline in their 2013 Clinical Trials Scoreboard.  This is up 7% over numbers from 2013.  This is the biggest increase in a decade.  Author Ian Lloyd shows that there are no direct indications as to where this growth came from - leading the author to believe that the growth was genuine organic growth coming out of the industry.

Also fairly interesting in the study was the fact that there are more drugs in research across all active research phases in 2014.  One very intersting statistic from this chart is the large increase in number of launched drugs.  Lloyd credits this increase in to Pharma companies looking to a drug post approval and continuing to develop and increase the value of each drug in their pipeline.

What else does the Citeline Pharma R&D Annual Review 2014 contain insight on?

  • -The trends in growth across Phase I, II and III over the years
  • -The companies who have the most drugs in thier pipeline and origionated drugs
  • -Distribution of pharma countries across geographic regions
  • -The therapeutic areas Pharma companies are looking towards in their pipeline
  • And more!

Download the full 2013 Clinical Trials Scoreboard report at Citeline.

Does the amount of organic growth that happened over the past year surprise you?

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