Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cell Therapy Catapult dives into help companies bring therapies to market

Cell Therapy Catapult is a company that is based in the United Kingdom.  They provide the a wide range of services to help cell therapy commercialization that develop, deliver and help commercialize cell therapy projects.  They have the expertise to move cell therapy through the process of commercialization. The company focuses on specific things like the payors throughout the process and ensuring the production of the product is contestant.

Watch the interview with Matthew Durdy, Chief Business Officer at Cell Therapy Catapult here:

Cell Therapy Catapult also publishes an annual UK Clinical Trial and Preclinical Research Database.  There are currently 41 cell therapy clinical trials taking place in the UK.  This represents a growth as last year there were only 34.  Areas of cell therapy where the most clinical trials are taking place include oncology, neurological and cardiovascular diseases.  Read their paper here.

If you're looking into developing technology like this, how important is it to develop a partnership with a company like Cell Therapy Catapult?

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