Thursday, May 1, 2014

Clinical Trials Roundup: Trials of Innovation

In a report published by our partners Citeline titled Clinical Trials Roundup: Trials of Innovation, they take an in-depth  look at the trials that were started and conducted in 2012, the top companies starting trials that year and what the landscape of the drugs looked like that went into clinical trials.

This graphic illustrates the trials started in the years 2009-2012.  Autoimmune clincal trials took a larger leap going into 2012.
Other areas of interest in report show that in 2012:

  • -Novartis started more trials than any other big Pharma company
  • -Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada were three of the top places to start clinical trials for unapproved drugs
  • -Top sponsors had an average of 3.6 countries per clinical trial
  • -There were an average of 11.4 patients per site that conducted a clinical trial

Want to read the whole report? Head over to the Partnerships in Clinical Trials webpage to download this report.

How do you see these numbers changing for 2013?  Do you expect oncology to continue to be the top field where clinical trials were started in 2013?

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