Friday, May 2, 2014

The Patient Recruitment Campaign Bill of Rights

At this year's Partnerships in Clinical Trials, we hosted a Trading Places Role Reversal Workshop: A Collaborative Approach to Working with Patient Recruitment Partners workshop with leaders Elizabeth Mascherino, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, Shire; Joseph Kim, Director, Clinical Operations, Shire; and Kelly McKee, Associate Director, Clinical Research, Global Trial Optimization, Merck.  In this unique workshop, sponsors and patient recruitment vendors sat down to discuss how to better manage and set a recruitment process.

Out of this workshop came the Recruitment Campaign Bill of Rights.  Sponsors and vendors who participated in the campaign developed a Recruitment Campaign Bill of Rights. In this bill, Sponsors committed to things such as Deliver constructive feedback in Non-Award/Award communications and Be respectful of Vendors’ time and efforts.  Vendors committed to Present regional strategies, not one size fits all and Be amendable to change.

Read the full Recruitment Campaign Bill of Rights here.

Are you a sponsor or vendor?  Would you add anything to the Bill of Rights?

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