Friday, May 23, 2014

What are some of the numbers behind Pharma using social media for clinical trials?

The Wall Street Journal recently spoke with Partnerships in Clinical Trials keynote speaker Ken Getz about a survey he conducted reaching out to 20 companies who participate in clinical trails - 17 pharma companies and 3 contract research organizations. As we've seen over the past few years, these companies remain hesitant to to use social media even though it's a great place where patient centricity can be achieved through working with patients to design and develop clinical trials. A few of the things listed as a concern for the organizations when working with social media included patient privacy, the potential for bad press and the opportunity for patients to share their knowledge and create a res each bias.

What were some of the facts that the Wall Street Journal presented?
  • -Of the 20 companies polled, only 13 shared information on their social media usage
  • -Only 5 of the companies surveyed use social media to directly interact with their patients
  • -One in those five used social media to directly interact with their patients
  • -11% of clinical trials today use social media to recruit patients
  • -The FDA failing to release guidance to this point has many companies hesitant to work with social media in their trials
What are some of the concerns that your company has if they use social media to reach out and interact with the patients?  And is it too risky to begin doing so?  Or is it more risky not to interact with your patients on social media?

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