Thursday, June 12, 2014

Biobanks to Receive $12M in Funding From NCI

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Several institutions can expect an influx of funding to support the development of new biobanks according to a report from GenomeWeb.  Per the report, the National Cancer Institute will award as much as $11.8M next year to fund the creation of new biobanks that will “collect, store and distribute” samples from cancer as well as related data to those involved in the National Clincal Trials Network.

On Friday, the NCI said that it will provide as many as five institutions with as much as $3.1M per year.  The funding will support the creation of the NCTN Biospecimen Banking Resource and will serve four adult NCTN groups as well as one pediatric group.  The specimens at these banks will be donated by patients involved in Phase III and Phase II clinical trials funded by the NCI.  These samples will include tissue, blood, and many other types of biological fluids from NCTN group member hospitals as well as affiliated institutions. According to the report, they will involve a range of solid and malignant tumor types.
Biobanks could soon be seeing green

You can find the full article from GenomeWeb here.

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