Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Partnerships Asia Session Spotlight: EHRs, Confidentiality, Data Security & Protection of Patient’s Records

This past October, the Vietnam Health Ministry invested VND100 billion (US$4.7 million) on one of their biggest initiatives to date - investing in electronic health records. In this initiative, 40 of the biggest hospitals in the nation will participate in the digitization of the health records in their country. While there are many challenges facing this effort, Asia Pacific Future Gov shares that there are many factors working in the favor of kicking off electronic health records in the country: infrastructure, technology-savvy population, and cheap internet costs provide strong support to the initiative.

Vietnam is not the only country in Asia facing this challenge.  At the Partnerships in Clinical Trials Asia conference, we bring the professionals in the region dealing with the same issues to one place to form a three day community of networking and discussion around topics facing clinical trials professionals in the region.  Coming this September, among other challenges facing the Asia Pacific region in clinical trials, we'll be looking at the challenges and implementation of electronic health records and patient safety in Asia.  Our featured session of the day is EHRs, Confidentiality, Data Security, & Protection of Patient's Records.  

Featured Session:  EHRs, Confidentiality, Data Security & Protection of Patient’s Records
Featured Speaker: Arun Maseeh, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India
About the Session:  This session will cover go over the following topics: transitioning to Electronic Health Records, Dealing with different data privacy rules, retrieving patient medical records efficiently, and getting patient informed consent.

Find out more about this program by downloading the agenda.  If you'd like to join us this September 16-18 in Shanghai to meet with some of the top minds in the clinical trials industry, register to join us at Partnerships in Clinical Trial Asia with the discount code XP1975BLOG and save 20% off your registration!

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