Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Electronic Data Capture pays off for clinical trials

Converting to electronic data capture is something that may be challenging for many companies, however, Partnerships in Clinical Trials sponsor Clinovo recently published a paper examinnig the top reasons why making the switch from traditional paper data capture to an electronic system saves time, money and can ultimately bring products to market faster.

What are the top reasons for Electronic Data Capture?
  1. 1) Cost savings
  2. 2) Time saving
  3. 3) Cleaner data and reduced quearies
  4. 4) Tracibility
  5. 5) Simplified modeling
  6. 6) Reduced time on data entry
  7. 7) Reactivity
  8. 8) Reusability 
  9. 9) Mid-study changes
  10. 10) Patient Safety

Using electronic data capture allows for those running the trial to see patterns in data faster allowing for changes to be made in the clinical trials while they are taking place. There is also the benefits of using less paper, straight data entry into the system create fewer data errors, and saves money on paper and printing costs. However the benefits are not without their challenges. Electronic data capture systems are expensive and there are challenges within the work force of adapting to the new system. Data privacy is also another major concern with electronic data.

Read Clinovo's full report here.

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