Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How many teenagers are falling through clinical trials age gaps?

Too many according to a study from the  National Institute for Health Research and Teenage Cancer Trust.  Broader age ranges lead to more patients of  young adult and teenage range participating.  Not only that - but many often do better in the long run because of the specialized care they receive while participating in the clinical trial.  Implementing a broader age range limit, the UK saw the number of teenagers (15-19 year olds) participating in clinical trials rise 13% from 2005-2010.  As for those 20-24 year, there was a 5% increase in participation to 18%.

According to the article, with a full spectrum of healthcare workers sharing information about clinical trials, everyone benefits:
“By encouraging doctors to take into account the full age range of patients affected by individual types of cancer, we’ve shown that it’s possible to design trials that include teenage cancer patients and, importantly, that better match the underlying biology of the disease and the people affected.”

Read the full article here.

The UK has taken the right efforts to expand age rages of those who participate in clinical trials. What are some of the reasons you think clinical trial age ranges should be expanded?

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