Friday, July 25, 2014

Know when your clinical trial patients are right for social media

Recently, Partnerships in Clinical Trials partners BBK Worldwide took an in-depth look at understanding when using social media for your clinical trial studies was the right thing to do.  Of all the adults today, 75% of all adults use the internet to find out information about their health.  So is social media one of the right tools to use for your clinical trial?

BBK Worldwide shares the challenges regulatory, time and content that need to be carefully consider when using social media in your clinical trial.  Everything communicated with patients via social media must be carefully though out so that it still and reviewed by the right boards.  So the right person must be the face of the clinical trial social media who understands how to both interact with the patients and maintain the standards of the clinical trial.  In terms of time, social media must have the right amount of time allocated to its execution.  And finally, the third important component of effectively using social media for clinical trials is to have the appropriate amount of content.  A balance of informative content along with your message must be maintained.

Of the three challenges BBK Worldwide, what is the most challenging for you when it comes to social media and clinical trials? Regulatory concerns, the time requirement, or the challenge of content creation?

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