Friday, September 26, 2014

The drive for clinical research innovation

It’s not uncommon to have months of the year dedicated to different causes. I’m sure many are familiar with the status of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and April as National Autism Awareness Month. Recently, Representative Scott Peters (D-CA) in the House of Representatives took the initiative to make September Clinical Research Innovation month in America. The legislation, introduced last week, brought this response from -Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) Executive Director Doug Peddicord:

 “ACRO members take pride in the work our contract research industry does to advance health care and ultimately find cures for medical conditions that devastate far too many people around the world. Because of innovations adopted by Clinical Research Organizations, trials today are shorter, more responsive, and individualized than ever before. We are grateful to Representative Peters for his leadership in recognizing the irreplaceable role CROs play in bringing life-saving medicines and treatments to patients.” 

 In presenting his resolution, Representative Peters tried to express the importance of clinical research:
“I rise today to highlight the valuable and life-saving contributions of America’s clinical research efforts…Innovation and scientific research are critical to ensuring America’s future competitiveness. San Diego understands this and has become a hub for innovation and technology. Clinical research organizations are components of our leading innovation sector in San Diego and across the country. They’re fundamental to the development of drugs, biologics, and medical devices that are changing the face of health care in America.”

You can find Representative Peter’s full speech to the House of Representatives here.

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