Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clinical developments in Asian Cancers

Our partners at Citeline recently released the white paper Top Five Asian Cancers – Trends in Clinical Development.  The top five cancers in Asia are Lung, Gasteric, Breast, Colorectal and Liver.  White paper author Rachel Meighan-Mantha, PhD found that, as illustrated by this chart, that the  majority of clinical trials in this region are taking place the outlined countries below.

Other interesting facts on the region includes:
  • -Most ongoing clinical trials are taking place in these countries: Japan, Malaysia and Singapore
  • -Japanese sites participated in 61% of phase I and 52% of phase I/II trials
  • -Non-industry trial sponsorship was highest in Japan, China and South Korea - which is attributed to the high involvement of government sponsored agencies
  • -The top two clinical trials for industry are in the areas of breast and lung cancer for the top 10 industry sponsors are focusing clinical development 
Download the full white paper to gain more insights on the above points as well as the incorporation of pharmacogenomic biomarkers, primary drugs and mechanisms of action, deeper insights into Sponsor types and more.

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