Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Patient communities can help draw patients to clinical trials

Recently, Genentech shed light on the power they've seen spread to patient recruitment in clinical trials by focusing their efforts on creating a patient centric experience.  The main goal was to help Genentech understand and work with the patients, so that the company could begin to understand who the patients are as people, what motivates them and who they are living.  They then wanted to bring that into the clinical trial design process.

In many of the scenarios, Genentech found that patients often bypassed clinical trial sites all together. If patients aren't going to the right places - and the clinical trial recruiters aren't connecting with them - how are trials going to get off the ground with the right number of patients?  After partnering with patient organization, Genentech shared three of their experiences that changed as a result of working with the patient populations their trials were aimed at.
  1. 1) When looking for immuno-compromised patients, Genentech found out that these patients were going to the pharmacy or their primary care physician and not the hospital  
  2. 2) For the rare disease ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis, patients weren't educated on the option of enrolling in a clinical trial and instead waited on the transplant list.
  3. 3) In a third trial for inflammatory bowel disease, after partnering with a patient group, Genentech was able to alter the clinical trial reporting so that patients could be monitored and minimize their fear of embarrassment.
Find out more about these trials and Genentech's experience at Mobi Health News.

Next Wednesday, October 15, we have Christel Aprigliano, CEO, The Diabetes Collective and Claire Meunier, Vice President, Research Engagement, The Michael J. Fox Foundation joining us during the web seminar Patient-centric to the Core: Setting a New Standard for Engagement Strategies in Clinical Research where they will bring their insights from their patient organizations to our audience.  Register to join us here.

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