Monday, December 22, 2014

Considerations for conducting trials in low-cost countries

Rick Morrison, Founder and CEO of Comprehend Systems recently took and in-depth look at some of the major considerations an company should look at before they venture into low-cost countries for clinical trials.  With the steep cost of clinical trials - Astra Zeneca faced a cost of $11.7 billion for each of the five drugs it brought to market from 2007-2011 - it's important that companies find efficient, low cost and ethical ways to bring drugs to market faster and safer.

Morrison suggests looking into expanding clinical trials beyond domestic trials to reap the benefits of diverse patient populations, the shrinking of cost and time to market for successful drugs and the ability to test the products in the countries and patient populations to which they'll be sold.    Not only are these benefits clear within themselves but the number of patients presented in a global clinical trial allows to companies to bring drugs to market an average of 6-7 months faster.

What are some of the benefits you see from expanding clinical trials beyond the traditional borders?

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