Friday, February 20, 2015

Webcast Offers Glimpse into Partnerships Topic

What a great turnout we had for our co-hosted webcast Change Investigative Site Relationships for the Better. And thanks to Partnerships in Clinical Trials, our co-host. The webcast featured presenters from IMS Health, who spoke to using data in choosing investigators and sites for a clinical trial, and David Green, Executive Director of United Therapeutics presented “Building and Maintaining Clinical Site Relationships and Loyalty.” At the Partnerships event, Green and his colleague Hassan Movahhed, Senior Vice President, Global Development Operations, United Therapeutics will go in-depth on what was presented in the webinar in their presentation Pharma—Investigator Collaboration: Meeting Needs Through Motivation.

Partnerships and Applied Clinical Trials chose this webcast to highlight a very important topic in the clinical research enterprise—the needs to understand and address the clinical investigative sites needs. While April Lewis and Ying Jiang at IMS Health provided information on data used for feasibility, qualification, negotiation (contracts and Fair Market Value), they also urged sponsors and CROs to share this data with the investigators to start a supportive dialogue to address their needs.

Why would this matter? Well, Tufts CSDD recently reported the decline of investigators—experienced investigators listing their increased burdens, as well as the novice investigators who conduct one trial and leave. Neither is good for maintaining clinical research in the long run noted Green. Green also agreed with Lewis that data be the foundation to very important discussions that lead to true collaborations.

Applied Clinical Trials is going to show up in force at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference. We are sponsoring both the Partnership Hall of Famer Award, as well as the Clinical Operations Optimization track for the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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