Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CRF Health eCOA Solution to Support Flexibility & Compliance in Global Diabetes Trials

Recently, CRF Health, a global provider of eCOA solutions for the life sciences industry, released a TrialMax eCOA solution for diabetes clinical trials. Developed with clinicians and patients to optimize usability and compliance, the solution enables investigators to collect patient reported outcome assessments and deliver defensible data, while minimizing patient and site burden.  

"CRF Health's experience in eCOA data collection in diabetes studies gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping customers implement solutions that are not only patient-focused, but that ensure the highest levels of quality data,” said Katie Garner, Therapeutic Areas Manager, CRF Health.

Today, Diabetes trials tend to have complex protocols which can lead to reduced compliance by overburdened patients. Fortunately, CRF Health's diabetes TrialMax Touch eDiary leads patients through data collection in an intuitive and fast way. It has been designed to easily fit into patients' lives while providing more compliant data, as well as increased patient retention. The customizable solution enables features to be added or removed depending on the needs of a particular trial, while the reference diary includes 5/7 data collection points which can easily be adapted.

"Our complete solution for diabetes trials is already being used in four impressive trials due to its unique capability to integrate patient diary entry and blood glucose monitoring, helping to ensure studies run as smoothly as possible, while delivering reliable results,” said Garner.

TrialMax Touch eDiary integrates with the Entra Health MyGlucoHealth wireless glucometer, enabling automatic transfer of measurements to a patient's eDiary. The integration ensures complete and accurate data while reducing the risk of transcription errors. Specifically, alerts can be set-up to remind patients to take their medication and test their blood glucose level, while also providing new basal dose directions from the physician in between site visits.

Further, sites are also made aware of hypoglycemic events via CRF Health's TrialManager, email or SMS in near real time which provides greater opportunity to take appropriate clinical action. The system also benefits from the ability to integrate with CRF Health's instrument library, allowing sponsors to electronically incorporate common diabetes instruments into the solution.

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