Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Clinical Operations Optimization is Featured at Partnerships in Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical Trials is sponsoring the Clinical Operations Optimization track at this year’s Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference taking place April 22-24 in Boston.

Partnerships describes the track as: “This track is designed for professionals in the clinical operations, site management, and patient recruitment field to improve operational practices.”

The Clin Op Op track is a great fit for Applied Clinical Trials, so we are thrilled. The first word in the title of our magazine and website says it all—Applied. The anchor articles, our peer-reviewed selections, are developed by the do-ers working in our industry and reviewed by the experts who also have worked their way up. Our readership, in print and online, is 25 percent project managers, people who are in charge of the day-to-day operations of clinical trials. The next largest group is executives, who most likely know what applied looks like on a day-to-day, as well as an overarching strategy. So we are really looking forward to sponsoring this track.

Today, optimization is a word getting a lot of play due to the statistics, which I’m sure you’ve heard, about the cost to develop one drug through trials to market authorization. Partnerships uses the word improve in the description, but I think optimization couples efficiencies with innovation, which is definitely an improvement.

These following six sessions are what represent a horizontal view of optimization in clin ops:

Thursday, 4/23
1:30-2 pm--New Data Revealed from a Sponsor Collaboration Focused on Safety of Long-Acting Opiates. Speakers Mitchell Katz, Head of Medical Research and Drug Safety Operations, Purdue Pharma and James Young, PhD, Vice President, Global Product Development, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals will present.

2-2:30 pm--Moving Towards Data Transparency: a J&J Case Study with Karla Childers Director, Strategic Projects Johnson & Johnson presenting.

2:30-3:30 pm--New Approaches to Speeding Up Clinical Trials - What Works and What Doesn't. 
In the midst of the deadly Ebola outbreak and the rushing to trial of experimental treatments, the world's top life sciences services company is calling for faster drug and vaccine development. This panel discussion includes, Craig Coffman Executive Director, Clinical Business Operations & Outsourcing, Nektar Therapeutics; Manny Lazaro, Senior Director, Clinical Operations, Forum Pharmaceuticals; Patrick Nealon MBA VP, Clinical Development, Takeda Oncology; and Daniela Popescu MD, Head of Clinical Operations for Roche Romania.

4:30-5 pm--A Look Into United Therapeutics Strategy in Pharma - Investigator Collaboration: Meeting Needs Through Motivation
This session is presented by David Green Executive Director and Hassan Movhaved Senior Vice President, Global Development Operations, with United Therapeutics. This presentation is an in-depth look of a webinar David Green presented with Applied Clinical Trials last month

Friday, 4/24
11:30-12 pm
How Lexicon Achieved Efficiency in Phase 3 with a Patient-Centric Study Design, presented by INC Research and Lexicon executives.

12-1 pm
Getting to the Core of Clinical Operations: Optimizing Study Feasibility & Country Selection, presented by Mohanish Anand PhD, MS Sr. Director, Head, Feasibility-Center Of Excellence Pfizer; G. Paul Evans Vice President Global Head, Feasibility and Enrollment Solutions PAREXEL; and Daniela Popescu MD Head of Clinical Operations Roche Romania SRL.

1:45-2:45 pm
What's in Your Clin Ops Tool Belt? Weave New Technology into Clinical Development, presented by expert consultants.

Don’t forget to register now and get your all access pass to optimizing your operations:

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