Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Live from #PCTUS: Gaining Global Efficiencies through Data Integration, Virtualization & Cloud Sourcing

Scott Thomas, Sr. Director of Biology, Merck & Co.
Lori Ball, Chief Operating Officer, BioStorage Technologies

In this session, Scott Thomas and Lori Ball discussed their work towards better decision making through Data Integration, Cloud Sourcing and Virtualization. These terms make up this overarching "Big Data" theme of late. The discussion began with Lori walking the audience through each of the terms as each seems to have a different meaning depending upon whom you ask.

Data Integration: many different locations, how do we use all of them?
Cloud Sourcing: consolidate all of this data into one location/data center
Virtualization: bringing together the data and making the connections to be used for better decision making, using your assets to your advantage.

As she worked through explaining these terms (presentation to be available at a later date) a very interesting statistic was mentioned...

"85% of people in the industry said their number 1 concern was consolidating data for making decisions"

Data analytics are a valuable way to drive better decision making, and as Scott put it "Sample data integration and virtualization has the potential to shorten research timelines and reduce research costs"

Creating a new way to capture, analyze and utilize all this data is the problem everyone is currently facing - Scott brought up a few slides trying to dissect this problem into a logical pathway...

Creating Modern Scientific Information Platform:
- Data stores
- Logic/Data access control
- Interface/Data delivery service

The Technical Architecture:
Research -> Development -> Commercial -> Medical

Historically he added, workflows have been very complex. These complexities which are created by multiple unnecessary steps, create voids where errors can happen. Which lead to big headaches for all parties involved.

The question arose of how can sample data integration and virtualization shorten research timelines and reduce research costs? The short answers were; 1) Automating and improving laboratory workflow processes. 2) enhancing faster research decision making. 3) Optimizing the value of research sample assets.

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