Friday, April 24, 2015

Live from #PCTUS: Wall Street State of the Industry Forecast for 2015

The final session of PCT 2015, "Wall Street State of the Industry Forecast for 2015 - Taking a Closer Look into the Sustainability of the Pharma/CRO Outsourcing Model" was a panel discussion to dive into the state of the industry and diagnose key themes, trends, and challenges.

Moderator: Michael Hay, Managing Director, Sagient Research

- John Potthoff, President and CEO, Theorem Clinical Research
- John Kreger, Partner and Healthcare Equity Research Analyst, William Blair
- Michael Martorelli, Director, Fairmount Partners

One major factor that each panelist mentioned was big data. This comes from all different levels - one key to data capture was as more companies become public, it provides the industry with much more information (growth, profitability, etc..). This information leads us to better decision making across the board.

The discussion continued onward to discuss the challenges that are currently facing this industry...

What needs to change in the industry:
- The challenge is how to keep up with evolving technology
- Clinical trials need to be much more embedded into the healthcare delivery system
- Process inefficiencies

What is the current state of the industry?
- Biotech companies are on FIRE for public investors
- Nontraditional services companies are buying traditional service companies
- Data is king

Thank you for following along with 2015 Partnerships in Clinical Trials! We hope to see you next year in Boston.

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