Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pall Corporation Acquired Tarpon Biosystem’s BioSMB Technology Platform

At the recent Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week conference that took place at the end of March there was a multitude of new insights and ideas from industry leaders during the presentations. However one piece of news that had people desperately checking smartphones in disbelief to see if it was true.

On the 3rd day of the conference it was announced by Marc Bisschops, the Scientific Director of Tarpon Biosystems and Lynne Frick, VP of Business Development at Tarpon Biosystems that Pall Corporation had acquired Tarpon Biosystem’s BioSMB technology platform for column chromatography.

Pall Corporation, a specialist company who work in filtration, separation and purification have acquired the technology which is fully scalable from process development to large-scale good manufacturing practice production. The acquisition of this cutting edge technology will allow Pall to accelerate the adoption of continuous downstream processing into biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Pall will use their current innovative single use technologies and capabilities with the new technology to expand their portfolio on different scales. The addition of Tarpon Biosystems’ technology will complement the Allegro single-use products and systems that are already in place for Pall.

Ken Frank, who is the senior Vice President at Pall Life Sciences, said “We are pleased to add this cutting-edge technology to our growing portfolio of products and services. It extends our process intensification and continuous processing capabilities to support customers as they adopt continuous downstream processing.”.

This news shows the continuous push by companies in the industry to innovate and develop its systems through partnerships in order to boost development. The chromatographic systems enable multi-column, single-use chromatography for process development. This creates good placement for multi-product and single-use facilities which will ultimately boost production.

President of Tarpon Biosystems Nelson K. Stacks stated that ”With this acquisition the strength and reputation of Pall will enable an even wider adoption of the BioSMB platform.” This acquisition then whilst on its own is a huge moment, is a starting point for further adoption that will not only improve Pall’s production but potentially others. This means overall improvements in the industry which will continue to boost manufacturing and push new development and innovations.

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