Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Challenging Industry to Create True Strategic Partnerships

By: Julianne Hull, CEO of WenStar

With outsourcing of clinical trials increasing at a rate of over 40 percent a year, it is critical that partnerships between pharmaceutical and contract research organisation (CRO) partners deliver real value and achieve the desired purpose. This trend has caused an increasing amount of clinical and operational expertise to be developed by CROs, but is this expertise being used to its fullest capability?

It is clear that at the highest levels in partnerships there is usually alignment, but it is questionable whether that alignment permeates through to the Quality Assurance, Operations, Purchasing and Data teams abound.

All to often, strategic partnerships are announced with a great fanfare, but after a few years most of them go quiet – the key question is “why, did they not achieve their original purpose?” Was too much time spent focussing on the partnership – and not on the outcomes they are designed to deliver that will ultimately lead to bringing new medicines safely to market?

There is almost no discussion about those partnerships that end prematurely, or those that are not renewed once they reach their original end date leading to a lack of knowledge sharing and ability to review the full extent of experience gathered.

These issues will feature prominently in the very popular Leadership and Change Management workshops as well as the Outsourcing and Partnership Forum workshops that will be hosted at this year’s PCT Europe in Hamburg.

About the Author: Julianne has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20+ years working for Marion Merrell Dow, Wyeth, Pfizer, Biogen Idec and now Ipsen. She holds a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Molecular Virology (Queens University). Julianne has experience in leading clinical operations, clinical data management and vendor management/outsourcing groups globally. Julianne was instrumental in implementing the groundbreaking Wyeth/Accenture strategic alliance in Clinical Data Management. She has been working in varying facets of outsourcing since 1998 including tactical, preferred provider, functional and strategic alliances with responsibilities for governance, vendor outsourcing and operational delivery.

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