Wednesday, November 18, 2015

An early summary of PCT's first day

Some very interesting presentations on PCT's first day. A a quick summary of the hot issues so far, with more detail to follow in a subsequent bulletin.

We may be getting more and more patient data through new technological tools, but how do we analyse and interpret all that data? Where is it all stored and how do you access it?

Do regulators help or hinder the trial process? They don't help us, but neither do we help ourselves, said one speaker; for others this is the perfect time to partner more closely with the regulators.

The folk from Transcelerate explained their approach to getting stakeholders together to reduce  the cost and risk of running clinical trials. They also suggested that getting big companies to collaborate to run bigger trials is a key goal - but will it ever happen?

What about the patient perspective? "Patient centricity" is the new buzzword: a whole afternoon here was devoted to the importance of getting the patient's view all the way along the development pathway, so the idea must be making waves (and not before time, some might say).

Another engrossing presentation: Trudie Lang of Oxford University on the difficulties of testing the Ebola vaccine in Africa and the lessons learnt. We'll be bringing you an exclusive interview with Trudie, so watch this space.

Ian Schofield
Scrip Intelligence

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