Friday, August 19, 2016

A patient's view of clinical trials - cancer patient and theatre maker Toby Peach (pt 2)

Watch part 1 of Toby’s story here

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 19, Toby Peach was part of a clinical trial to test if ABVD could be given without radiotherapy. He now performs a theatre production - The Eulogy of Toby Peach – based on his experiences with cancer. We spoke to Toby to get a patient’s view of a clinical trial, which for him was overwhelmingly positive.

 Toby explains: ‘I was on a trial randomised to not having radiotherapy which was a blessing for me at that time…because I then didn’t have the scarring of radiotherapy on my neck.’

More broadly, Toby is well aware of the benefits of clinical trials, particularly for cancer:

‘The thing with clinical trials is they are good for the future - for the next generation who may be diagnosed. It is for us to carry on developing and improving everything that we can to ensure we give more people a chance to come through cancer.’

Watch the interview with Toby above, and catch up on part 1, where Toby shares his full story, here.

Toby Peach joined over 120 other industry leaders speaking at Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe 2016 in Vienna. Find out about the 2017 event at

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