Friday, August 5, 2016

Increasing Patient Partnerships

"Patient partnerships are increasing in the clinical development/drug development processes. That's an evolution of the fact that patients are more astute and sophisticated. And what I've seen as having the biggest contributor to this is the internet. Back in the day, we didn't have the internet and people were calling the patient organizations to say, "Here is my diagnosis, what can we do? What is the current research? Is there a trial available?". And you had that opportunity to really engage and educate - while that still exists, it exists differently because of the internet. People are now able to get online and start that search for information themselves." said Jayne Gershkowitz, VP of Patient & Professional Advocacy, Amicus Therapeutics in a recent interview with the Partnerships in Clinical Trials team. 

She continued to say, "Patients will see who is doing research from the academic side, the industry side, they find the patient advocacy organizations and begin calling around. By getting the information at the early part of the journey, when they start to investigate on their own, they begin to become educated and empowered, taking things into their own hands.

The power of the internet has allowed patients to connect with others like them all over the world, through the online communities, social media, and developing their own pages - these reinforce the physical communities; i.e. conferences and meetings."

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Watch the Exclusive Interview with Jayne Gershkowitz, VP of Patient & Professional Advocacy, Amicus Therapeutics.

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