Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WEBINAR: How can you best manage performance in an extended clinical research team?

Join John Faulkes on Wednesday 14th September, 2pm BST

A clinical project manager is likely to be leading a team of experts, many or all of which do not report in directly. Some of these will be from various functions inside the sponsor company, others will be from the CRO. The team members may be contributing to many different projects at various times, they all have their own line managers, and their attention is divided and sometimes competed for.

Consultant and trainer John Faulkes is leading a free webinar on Wednesday 14th September at 2pm BST exploring techniques for managing performance in an extended clinical research team without direct authority. The webinar will focus on a number of special tactics that project managers can employ on a week by week basis that will help them deal with this, and outsourcing managers can employ when looking at more infrequent project / relationship team builds or reviews. Key questions include:

  • - What is the cross-functional leader’s real source of authority? It’s often not exploited.
  • - How should work packages be delegated so as to increase the likelihood of delivery? When things are not delivered, what does the leader and the team often not hear, that they need to?
  • - Why does the ‘penalty clause’ provide such poor motivation to get things right?
  • - How can a critical piece of feedback, and a request for improved performance, be delivered to people who do not report to you?
  • - How can you ‘change the game’ gradually and take time to build your confidence?

When?  Wednesday 14th September at 2 -3pm BST
Who? John Faulkes is a consultant, trainer and coach, helping companies and teams to work together more effectively in projects, alliances and partnerships. He is a committee member of the Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management Group and a founder of The Collaboration Project, a network for project, alliance and outsourcing professionals.

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