Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Is the virtual CRO the future of clinical trials?

Join Alexander Gissler on Wednesday 21st September, 2pm BST

Alexander Gissler is CEO of ProjectPharm - a niche CRO providing project management services. On Wednesday 21st September, he is running a webinar on virtual CROs and other future outsourcing models. Here he introduces the topics and explains what to expect on the free webinar:  

"The virtual CRO is a new model of partnership between sponsors and contract research organisations. It is an advantageous blend of the strategic partnerships that have been on the rise between big players during the last few years, and the older model of requesting RFPs to a selection of CROs for each individual project to be outsourced.

The virtual CRO model allows sponsors to use a global workforce with no resource restrictions (which is the aim of the strategic partnerships), whilst at the same time keeping the prices at a significantly lower level than what is possible for big CROs (which is the aim of outsourcing each individual project separately).

The core of a virtual CRO is an organisation that specialises in subcontracting and coordinating other CROs that can cover the respective project’s needs, rather than having to rely on their own resources. This flexibility allows them to take advantage of the lower-priced local and niche CROs, whilst at the same time building an ongoing relationship with the core project team. This way the sponsor and the CRO can develop a long-term relationship, build trust, and optimise their cooperation by reviewing lessons learnt and adapting their processes accordingly.

The right conditions are however needed for a virtual CRO to work, including the presence of highly developed project management processes as well as sound experience in the field. Equally, some 'big' projects (eg clinical trials aiming to recruit several thousand patients in dozens of countries worldwide) may be better placed with the global players."

The webinar will include:
  • - Most common outsourcing strategies
  • - Sponsor expectations from the respective strategies and their degree of satisfaction
  • - Intrinsic advantages and disadvantages of the various strategies
  • - The virtual CRO model
  • - Advantages and limitations of the virtual CRO model
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When? Wednesday 21st September 2016, 2pm BST
Who? Alexander Gissler is the founder, CEO & COO of ProjectPharm, a niche CRO providing project management services in the area of pharmaceutical development in general and clinical trials in particular. During his career, Alexander has held various senior project management and executive management positions in major contract research organizations. At BRI International he set up and led the clinical operations in the DACH region and in Italy, and at Medpace he was the first European employee and successfully set up clinical and administrative operations in more than 20 countries in the EMEA region, recruiting several hundred highly qualified professionals.

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